The artists 
are the eyes of mankind 
(M. Voloshin)


I am an artist. My way to call myself an artist was too long.

I have loved drawing since my childhood and spent hours drawing everywhere. Even on furniture and walls. But I did not get high marks in the drawing, because I always drew what I wanted and without obeying the demand of the school teacher. I started to redraw the cartoon characters and copy artworks. 

My friends used to ask me to draw something. I even had the unsuccessful experience of drawing portraits of my classmates. Unsuccessful because they criticized them and I was so disappointed that put it on ice. Then I understood that I shouldn’t have given up. I should practice harder.

After school, I certainly wanted to choose something related to art. But I chose to teach foreign languages, after consulting with my parents and friends. I got married, my son was born and 20 years passed without the art. I worked at school, then at university, where I started doing research on linguistics.

It was ready when a calm and planned life was over. Having got an inexplicable diagnosis, I had to quit my job. I would say that I was forced to quit, they did everything so that I had to. It was my personal tragedy because I loved my job. I had no idea what I would do at home. 

After three months crying I decided to do something. It’s a chance for you! – I told myself. You dreamed to paint, so let’s paint! I went to an art shop and bought oil paints, brushes, and canvases. I didn’t even know that oil paints could be mixed. The first painting appeared on the cardboard because I was afraid of the canvas.

I do not know where the feeling of self-confidence has come from. I did something on a hunch and then found confirmation in the books. I watched every free workshop on the Internet. I was working every day and my paintings started selling! At the end of 2013, I had two huge customizations. Then the war came.

When I got ill, I thought that nothing could be worse than my disease. Leaving my apartment, I didn’t know at all if I could see my paintings again. I was leaving and they were staying on the walls. It hurt me so much! It was like I was leaving my children. That period was a real nightmare. 

When it ended at last, I came home and could not help starting to paint. But the problem was that I was not able to take up brushes to paint again. Hands trembled when I got down to it. I had no energy, no mood, no air for creativity. The long period of moral and physical recovery came.

And now I can say I am an artist again! And I am so grateful to God, fate and my family for the talent and possibility to create! I cannot live without the smell of paints and canvases, hands and furniture spotted with paints. I want to know what feelings people have when they are watching at my paintings. Yes, I breathe painting!

And I am not a muse, because I am an artist!

Selected Exhibitions and Publications

Lions' Tenderness

"Animal World is so Humane", Donetsk,
Ukraine 2016

Little Snowflakes

"Seasons" Donetsk, Ukraine, January-March 2019

Beyond the Rain

Animalistic Art Exhibition "Animal Portrait",
Russia, 2019 April


Artbox Gallery Project Miami 2.0, 2019

Little Snowflakes

Artbox Talent Advent Calendar 2018


International exhibition and competition of animalistic art “Animal Portrait”, St-Petersburg, Russia 2020

The Life

Artbox Project. Zurich 1.0,
Switzerland, 2019