Wildlife series. Big cats. Manul

The Pallas’s cat or manul is a small wild light grey cat with rounded ears and not very friendly eyes. Its well-camouflaged fur is beautifully adapted to the cold continental climate. It feels great in its native range. But it is threatened by poaching, prey base decline due to rodent control programs, and habitat fragmentation as a result of mining and infrastructure projects.

I was attracted by the expression in the eyes of this animal. Despite the fact that this creature is from the cat family, its look is very human. And the manul seems to be a little mad at us. Perhaps because we are interfering in its free life.

‘Manul’ is an original oil painting on canvas. The artwork is made of high-quality materials. The size of the canvas is 60 x 45 cm. It is stretched on wooden bars and ready to hang. The frame is not included. Shipped from Denmark.

The quality of natural paint pigments, Italian canvas and original fine art are guaranteed. The painting is a unique one-of-a-kind artwork.

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