Why did I paint Hummel sneakers

A fantastic story happened to me here in Denmark last summer. I should have published it earlier, but I was not really in the mood for social media. Therefore, I will tell you about it today. We arrived in the country with nothing in our tiny bags. And it was obvious that volunteers and the Danish Red Cross helped us a lot with everything we needed.
One of the events was the giving away of free shoes and clothing. It took place in one of the schools in the city, and a huge number of people gathered there. It was in the basement in poor lighting, and everything was going too fast. There was a limited amount of time per person. Otherwise, it would have dragged on for a week.

So we got there a lot of #hummel clothes and a pair of #hummel sneakers. When we got home, I got upset because my left sneaker and right one were different. It was a shame, as they were very comfortable and suited me perfectly.

I even thought to color them so that the difference would seem imperceptible. But then I got the idea to write a letter to the manufacturer and ask them to exchange at least one of the sneakers. I didn’t expect to hear from them, but they responded pretty soon. The manager asked me to send him a photo of the #shoes and promised to help. Imagine my surprise when I soon received a package from them with a new pair of shoes, a greeting letter, and a small keychain and badge. They didn’t change my shoes; they just sent me a new pair #forfree! So now I have got a great new pair of sneakers. My surprise knows no bounds!

Thanks, #Humel! Thanks #Denmark! And those sneakers that are different, I am still going to color. Let it be a nice memory of our adventures. Now, did you understand why I painted these sneakers? Do not heasitate to leave a comment)))

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