The Racing


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oil on canvas, 2016

This original artwork is oil-painted in the author’s technique of a palette knife (impasto technique) on high-quality Italian canvas. The painting is shipped stretched on a wooden underframe so it is ready to hang on the wall. It is one-of-a-kind, hand-signed. Size: 19.7*27.6 inches/ 50*70 cm. 

Magnificent was a process of painting “The Racing”. It was the first time I wanted to paint the sea in an abstract technique, using just a palette knife. But having finished it I caught a dog silhouette and it was at its place. The girl appeared later because of my child remembrances. I used to have got dogs and I think they are the most true-hearted creatures in the world.

This original oil painting on canvas may become a great present for your relative or friend. It will also be a wonderful gift for your kid. It may decorate the nursery or any other room in your house, give warmth and goodness to your hearts.

NB! In life, paintings do not look the same as on your computer screen. The difference may be in the brightness, contrast, shades. It depends on the color-light settings of your monitors and its screen resolution. But in reality, paintings appear much prettier and more interesting than on your screen.

Remember that buying an oil painting on canvas you are investing in a product which price grows in the course of time!


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