Sakura Blossoms Winds


oil on canvas, 2010

Petals falling

unable to resist the moonlight.

Sakura, sakura

they fall in the dreams of sleeping beauty. (Yosa Buson)

Nothing will describe my nine-years-old painting with sakura so much as this ancient Japanese poem.

Long ago, in 2010, I had attempts at a minimalist style in painting. I still like how it was done. It seems to me that it would look great in some sushi restaurant or salon of oriental medicine.

The painting is painted on high-quality Italian canvas, stretched on a wooden stretcher. Baguette is part of the painting. The size of the canvas is 30 * 90 cm.

NB! In life, paintings do not look the same as on your computer screen. The difference may be in the brightness, contrast, shades. It depends on the color and light settings of your monitors and its screen resolution. But in reality, paintings appear much prettier and more interesting than on your screen.

Remember that buying an oil painting on canvas you are investing in a product which price grows in the course of time!


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