Night Hunting


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oil on canvas, 2018

The abstract fantasy woodland scape “Night Hunting” is originally painted artwork made in impasto technique on high-quality Italian canvas.  The impasto technique allowed to create the unique texture of the painting and gives the room for your imagination. The painting looks mysterious and magic. 

The charm of a flying owl with widely spread wings is also suitable for business people who are striving for new achievements and career heights. In such cases, the owl is a symbol of rushing forward, realizations and growth. It gives strength, energy, and luck to the talisman owner. The image should occupy an honorable place in the office room. Together with this, the amulet symbolizes wisdom and patience, which sometimes is necessary for people.

The owl is a spirit bird. It is the very talisman for couples. In this case, the image should be placed above the bed. The painting is one-of-a-kind, hand signed. Size: 23.6*15.7 inches/ 60*40 cm. It’s shipped stretched on a wooden underframe, so it’s ready to hang.

NB! In life, paintings do not look the same as on your computer screen. The difference may be in the brightness, contrast, shades. It depends on the color-light settings of your monitors and its screen resolution. But in reality, paintings appear much prettier and more interesting than on your screen.

Remember that buying an oil painting on canvas you are investing in a product which price grows in the course of time!


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