Endeavor. Diptych.


oil on canvas, 2021

Together they strive upward, to where their dream of being together will come true. But she is just a woman and she herself will not overcome the obstacles that, like stones on the road, prevent her from moving up.

He is a powerful and courageous man who you can always rely on. He will stretch out his strong hand to her so that she can lean on it, and they will fly away together. Their endeavor will not be wasted. And they will be happy because it takes two to be happy.

‘Endeavor’ is an original oil painting on canvas. The artworks are made of high-quality materials. The size of the canvases is 70 x 50 cm. They are stretched on wooden bars and ready to hang. The frames are not included. Shipped from Denmark.

The quality of natural paint pigments, Italian canvas and original fine art are guaranteed. The paintings are unique one-of-a-kind artworks.

* Frame is not included.
* In-person, paintings do not look the same as on your computer screen. The difference may be in the brightness, contrast, shades. It depends on the color-light settings of your monitors and their screen resolution. But paintings appear much prettier and more interesting than on your screen.

To clarify the details, please do not hesitate to ask me in the messages. I’m always open to communication.



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