eMotions. Silence luxury oil painting


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We are often silent, afraid to say too much, to be misunderstood, to receive punishment, to lose something or someone. We are silent instead of expressing dissatisfaction, and gradually we get used to being silent. The unpleasantness becomes the norm. We are criticized, ignored, overwhelmed with additional work, burdened with householding, forced to make decisions that we do not want to make. They don’t want to listen and hear us.

And we ourselves, without realizing it, humble ourselves and keep silent. We do what we do not want and are silent. We don’t want to be in conflict. After all, we value peace.

And it is no longer important that this situation concerns ordinary everyday problems in the family or the life of an entire country. Because of being shackled by silence, we remain silent and put up with our role as submissive and uncomplaining. We are chained hand and foot by silence, but it leads to despair.

‘eMotions. Silence ‘, oil on canvas, 120 * 80 cm, 2018

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 5 × 80 × 120 cm


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