eMotions. Rage luxury oil painting


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What qualities do you value most in a person? I appreciate the restraint. I respect people who know how to manage their anger. How often we get angry over trifles, shout at loved ones, bring ourselves and our relatives to hysteria. As a result, health and mental disorders. Is it worth it?

Anger is the basic emotion that has allowed humanity to survive. Anger excites and makes us say things that we sometimes don’t even mean. The taxi did not arrive on time, the toys were scattered on the floor, the wife did not cook dinner, the idiot driver was caught on the road. We get angry because our expectations were not met and the goal was not achieved. Meanwhile, anger is one of the deadly sins.

Outwardly, the reaction can be different – from irritation to rage. And if a slight irritation does not harm anyone, then rage makes a person uncontrollable. 

Rage in my painting is depicted in the form of a mad dog, which, trying to break off the leash, seeks to attack an opponent. A firm hand still holds her on the taut leash. This symbol indicates that a person must control this emotion so as not to harm others, himself, or his reputation. I chose the image of a dog because I did not want to portray a raging person and show how ugly he is in his anger.

Managing anger isn’t that hard. First, you need to look at yourself from the outside. The sight is not pleasant: bloodshot eyes, saliva splashing in all directions, red skin, shaking chin. Do you like it? I hope, no. Therefore, keep yourself on a leash, take care of your loved ones, and be happy and healthy!
‘eMotions. Rage’, oil on canvas, 120×80 cm, 2020

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 5 × 80 × 120 cm


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