eMotions. Loneliness luxury oil painting


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Many people enjoy loneliness because it is believed to lead to creativity, self-realization, and fully suited to personal development. Loneliness is often associated with spirituality. But for me, loneliness is, first of all, a feeling of emptiness and deaf silence. It is a dehydrated desert, cracked from lack of water.

Loneliness leads to pain, grief, fear, exhaustion. Loneliness does not allow living and interferes with creativity and self-realization, in contrast to solitude. But the worst of all is loneliness among people. A lonely person dies from the fact that there is no one to love him, there is no one to even listen to him. In this world, it is important to be heard, to be loved, and to feel that you are not alone.

This is what my new painting is about.
‘eMotions. Loneliness’, oil on canvas, 120x80cm, 2020

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 5 × 80 × 120 cm


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