eMotions. Fear luxury oil painting


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What is fear and why are we afraid?

Fear is one of the basic emotions that has allowed humanity to survive. But the safer we live, the more we are afraid, the more fears a person has.

My painting from the ‘eMotions’ series is about a strong feeling of fear that makes life unbearable. Yes, exactly unbearable. Because we are sitting on the bench in a dark basement and even with an open door, behind which the whole world exists, we are afraid to take the first step towards the unknown.

This girl in the painting symbolizes every person who has experienced the fear of change, the fear of something new. The falling light from an open door indicates that it is safe behind it, and the blue ball symbolizes the whole world. The girl throws it and is afraid to tear her hands off the bench, on which she curls up with fear. Her arms and legs are tense, and her face is contorted in a fear grimace. She is very, very scared. But she is afraid to leave her place of comfort and go out into the light.

Even adults often do this. Fear drives them into the dark and prevents from developing, living a full life, and enjoying it. So you’d better defeat your fear not to be this girl locked in darkness, but to breathe deeply and not waste precious time.

‘eMotions. Fear’, oil on canvas, 120×80 cm, 2017

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 5 × 80 × 120 cm


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