Black panther cat portrait oil painting original


Panthera is one of the genera within the family Felidae. Black panthers are the name of dark-colored individuals of a number of large cat species, which are a genetic variant of coloration. This is a manifestation of melanism. The black panther is not an independent species. Most often it is a leopard, sometimes a jaguar. Among big cats, melanism is usually more common in populations that live in dense forests. Under the conditions of a lack of light, dark animals are less visible here than in open areas, which makes it easier for them to survive. Black panthers, like other subspecies of leopards, are included in IUCN Red List assessors.

The size of the painting is 45×60 cm/ 18×24 inches. It is stretched on a wooden underframe and ready to hang. The frame is not included! It will look much better when framed into a suitable baguette (frame). The canvas is of high Italian quality. The painting is hand-signed. It will look good in the living room, bedroom or office of a classical style.

NB! In-person, paintings do not look the same as on your computer screen. The difference may be in the brightness, contrast, shades. It depends on the color-light settings of your monitors and their screen resolution. But in-person, paintings appear much prettier and more interesting than on your screen.


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