DEER oil painting tutorial for beginners #4

🎨 This oil painting tutorial is designed for beginners in art.

Even if you have never taken paints and brushes in your hands, you will be able to paint a winter landscape scene in an impressionist style. The duration of the tutorial is one hour.

πŸ’₯ At the β€œDEER” workshop you will learn how to:
* paint a deer in the impressionist style
* paint with a limited palette
* paint fast
* paint with brushes
In the video the palette is demonstrated. It is also explained each step in detail and zoomed-in on how to use brushes and fingers.

😍 As a result, you will get a cute deer portrait painting, which you can paint by yourself under my guidance.
To purchase the tutorial please follow πŸ‘‰ the link
Oil painting tutorials πŸ‘‰ follow the link

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